Vash the Stampede With a Hood?

Black Leather Vash The Stampede Coat with a Hood, from AbbyShot ClothiersHey everybody, I hope you’re all having a great weekend, cause I know I am. Here’s a quick little post to show off a really cool custom request from one of our customers! He came to us and wanted a black leather Stampede Duster. With a custom hood. A custom, removable, zippered hood. We weren’t so sure on just how that would work out, so we had to toss the idea around a bit first. This guy was really nice though and he wanted it a lot, so we said we’d do it. We always try our best to go that extra mile when we can. Boy, are we ever glad we said yes!

The girls in the Design Team are really wizards when it comes to creating awesome clothing. I could go on and on about how this is a custom designed hood that looks great, is well constructed, can be worn in a million different ways, and is super-easy to put on and take off, but I think I’ll cut this short and let the pictures speak for themselves! If you would like a hood on your coat, just let us know. This new design is pretty adaptable, so chances are if you want it with your coat order, we can do it. Check out the pictures and let us know what you think!

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4 Responses to Vash the Stampede With a Hood?

  1. Looks awesome! Totally reinvents the -already- awesome coat!

    How available will this sort of customization be on other coat styles/designs? Will there be material limitations? (i.e. leather only, or can it be done with, say, RDF?)

    If you do any experiments/prototypes of this with other designs/fabrics, I would love to see them – and I’m sure everyone else would, too Smilie: ;)

    Hats off to the design team on this one, as always. Fantastic job.

  2. Great questions! Here are some great answers! Smilie: :-)

    This hasn’t been tested in various design/material combos, so no additional photos are available just yet. However it was deliberately designed to be as adaptable as possible. For some designs this will work well, while for others it will not. Basically, if there’s a specific design that you’d like to see have a zip-off hood, just ask.

  3. The hood looks absolutely fabulous! I’m amazed just how seemless it looks when it has been removed from the zipper. Great job.

    Can this hood be added to the Malice Mizer custum coat? Due to the design on the coat the hood would probably not be able to close at the front, but that’s okay for me. I love the option of a hood. It not only increases the wearability in poor weather, but adds a dramatic look.

    Can the hood be designed to be a bit more like the image of the hood in your Feb. 20th blog post about the “Maiden of Death” clip? I love the look of the 18th-19th century hooded cloaks worn by ladies to balls, they are very volumous/voluminous.

  4. Yes, the hood can be added to the Malice Mizer Custom coat. I’m not completely certain if the hood can be made deeper like our Kingdom Hoodie hood, but I’m confident that the Design Team could achieve that look one way or another if need be.

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